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Our Apps

Besides offering conselling for app development,we also develop our own apps, check them out. 


Calendar Extractor

Calendar Extractor uses your online calendars app on your phone (iCloud, Gmail) and makes you able to extract interesting data out of them, such as your working hours.

It makes you able to count your time for a long period of time, without using any other softwares. It is designed especially for freelancer and self-employed people, but it can be useful for any other usage where you need to count hours from calendars, like school projects.



Cinemapper gives the performances time of every movies planned for Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas in London. Thanks to this app, we can have a quick look on what is available, where and where, without spending any more time comparing each location.



Make your Instagram looks unique and different.

Aftertale is an app dedicated to create a unique Instagram profile. Thanks to its several tools and options, you can customize each aspect of your page, and make it unique.

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